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Knowledge 1

Knowledge 1


The cost of pure natural cotton is very high. So the merchant always choose to recycle cotton to reduce the cost and pretend to be the new cotton for sales. Though they are both white color, their distinction is obvious. The elasticity of the recycle cotton is scarce. It’s difficult to regains its shape when press by hand. When you check it careful may find the wool ends in it. The color of pure cotton is soft and the bleached cotton is white with a little light green. So if you found that the cotton is bad elasticity, cotton fiber is short, color is white with light green, that would be the bleached recycle cotton.

It’s hard to distinguish the cotton mixed the acrylic fibers or not. The cotton with acrylic fibers will not shrink when put it in the water. Take some fiber to inspect in the sunshine, if you fond that the fiber is luminous, it may be the Chemical fiber products.

Manmade cotton is the one that extract cotton constituent from the cotton rag cuttings. It’s very easy to distinguish because the rag cuttings may be with color. As this cotton is easy to be found the merchant like to use them into the coat and quilt to pretend good quality products.

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